A Few Simple Rules

  1. By joining you agree to attend a 1-hour meeting four times  a year and bring a check each time for $100 (or if part of a group or team with a total contribution of $100). You are welcome to attend any meeting as a guest to check it out and decide if you’d like to join. If, while you’re at the meeting, you’d like to donate to the selected charity or join up, that is awesome! Or commit to whatever you can afford by forming a team that gives a total of $100 at each meeting. See #10 below on how to do this.
  2. If you are unable to attend any given meeting during the year, please give your check to a member to vote and deliver on your behalf, or mail it afterward.
  3. All donations will be given to charities/non-profits/worthy causes serving the Marion County area.
  4. Every member can nominate LOCAL charities, non-profits, or worthy causes, whose names are put into a bucket.
  5. Three names are drawn at random at each meeting. Only three charities/non-profits/worthy cause will be presented at each meeting. If there is an immediate emergency need at the time of the meeting, that need can be presented as one of the choices.
  6. Each of the 3 charities/non-profits/worthy causes that are under consideration will be given 5 minutes to make a presentation at the meeting. This presentation must be made by a member of the 100 Women Who Care, who may or may not be a member of the charity/non-profit/worthy cause.
  7. By ballot, the group will vote, and the majority rules. Even if you don’t care for the choice, you still must donate. The top vote-getting charity then receives all the checks, made out to them on the spot!
  8. If the charity you nominate is not chosen to receive that meeting's donations, you may re-submit that nomination at a future meeting (nominations are not automatically re-nominated). 
  9. No national charities will be considered; however, local branches of national charities are eligible for consideration. The purpose is for 100% of the contributions to stay in the Marion area.
  10. The charity/non-profit/worthy cause must agree NOT to use the names for future solicitations, nor give the information to the public. If the charity does not adhere to this condition, they will be removed from any future consideration.
  11. Members may join as a group or team that commits to a total of $100 per meeting, but the group or team will only be allowed to have one group/team vote for a charity at the meeting. The group/team must designate which member will cast their vote prior to each meeting by sending an email to ljcudd@hotmail.com.

One each of the four nights during the year,
these 100 Women Who Care can give up to $10,000
to a local charity, non-profit, or worthy cause,
right here in the Marion community.
It’s fast, simple and amazingly effective.

Updated: 8/6/2014

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